Come to the start in good health

For a great running experience you need to be healthy. Be prepared for cool weather.

In case of health problems

Get a check-up at the VCM Medical Centre under the direction of VCM race doctor Dr Robert Fritz at Vienna Sports World. The team of sports-enthusiastic doctors and therapists from the sports coordination centre will be there for you at the Expo on Friday and Saturday.

Colds, musculoskeletal pain, a "harmless" infection - take your body's signals seriously and get advice. Your health has top priority.

Weather: It's getting chilly

Check the weather forecast for the day of your run. It will be fresh and a little windy. Early temperatures could be around 4°C. Rain is not out of the question.

Take a warm outfit with you - including hats and gloves. Put on old clothes before the start to keep you warm. You can leave them at the start area. They will be collected by MA 48, kept in circulation where possible and used or recycled.

The latest drop-off time for the cloakroom on Sunday is 8.35 am. If you can organise your own cloakroom transport, you will avoid waiting times.

During the run

The Red Cross will be on site with a large team. For the first time, 30 Wiener Städtische "Running Doctors" will also be taking part in the run. In case of problems: Call 144.

New: Pollen information

MedUni Vienna's pollen service provides an up-to-date forecast especially for the VCM course. The conditions for pollen allergy sufferers will be very good.

Set yourself realistic goals - and look forward to the big day!