VCM Club of Honour

Running a marathon is a lifelong dream for many. Ten times a marathon is - "wow"! Ten times or more marathons at the VCM, that is the "VCM Club of Honour".

In recognition of many years of sporting achievement and commitment to the event, we have created the "VCM Club of Honour" on the occasion of the 35th Vienna City Marathon. All runners who have successfully completed the Vienna City Marathon (42.195 km) at least ten times will be admitted. We admire this sporting endurance and enthusiasm and thus say THANK YOU!

Honour to whom honour is due

In the "VCM Club of Honour" we list runners who, according to our records, have successfully participated in the Vienna City Marathon (42.195 km) at least ten times. In first place are those runners who have so far completed all Marathons since the founding in 1984. We congratulate all of them on their great achievements! If someone does not appear or does not appear with the correct number of participations, please contact


As a special recognition we issue a special certificate to the members of the "VCM Club of Honour" for their achievements. You can then download and print the certificate with your name and the number of participations in the roll of honour


As a congratulation and further incentive, we will give all those who have completed a round finisher anniversary (10, 15, 20 ... successful participations) a free entry for the following year. There are no obligations or payments for members of the "VCM Club of Honour".