The VCM course

Discover the highlights of Vienna on the run

From the start at the Reichsbrücke to the finish on the Ringstrasse between the Burgtheater and Rathausplatz: the Vienna City Marathon takes you to the most impressive highlights of Vienna. A centrepiece is the Prater Hauptallee - World Heritage Site of athletics and "venue of the first marathon under two hours by Eliud Kipchoge.  

The marathon, the Wiener Städtische Half Marathon and the Vienna 5K are officially measured by the AIMS and are part of the World Athletics Global Calendar.  


Course plan

Course plan Sunday, April 21st 2024
Wiener Städtische Half Marathon
Powerade Relay Marathon

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Course plan Saturday, April 20th 2024
Vienna 5K
The Daily Mile Run 800
The Daily Mile Run 1600
Coca-Cola Inclusion Run

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Relay handover areas

handover area 2

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handover area 3

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Course profile

The Vienna City Marathon is an attractive and varied city course on which you can run fast times. The difference between the lowest and highest point of the course is only 44 metres. 


42 km well fuelled - the VCM aid stations at a glance

Here you will find a complete overview of all the refreshment points, water stations and refreshment points that will be available at the start, along the course and at the finish. Please note that the positions listed here may change slightly due to traffic conditions.  

  • 400-450 people will be working for you at the refreshment stations.
  • 50,000 litres of Powerade,
  • 5,000 litres of Coca-Cola,
  • 60,000 bananas and
  • 35,000 apples are prepared and handed out.

Water for the refreshment stations along the route is obtained exclusively from hydrants (high spring water) in order to reduce plastic waste from drinks bottles. 


Römerquelle (Water in a cup)
Coca Cola
Target catering

KM 0

Start (water refreshment station)

KM 3,9

Kaiserallee (Konstantineck)

KM 4,8

Praterhauptallee - Plateau Meiereistraße

KM 7,4

Schüttelstraße 33

KM 9,8

Parkring between Liebenberggasse and Johannesgasse

KM 10,4

Kärntner Ring 16 (Corner Dumbastraße)

KM 11,6

Linke Wienzeile 38 (Corner Köstlergasse)

KM 12,5

Linke Wienzeile 106 (Corner Hofmühlgasse)

KM 13,1

Linke Wienzeile 150 (Corner Brückengasse)

KM 15,2

Linke Wienzeile

KM 15,5

Linke Wienzeile / Schönbrunn (for "starting" Relay-Marathon participants)

KM 17,8

Mariahilferstraße154 (Corner Rosinagasse)

KM 19,4

Innere Mariahilferstraße

KM 22,8


KM 23,3

Alserbachstraße 13 (Corner Liechtensteinstraße)

KM 24,1

Brigittenauer Lände / Wolfsaugasse (for "starting" Relay-Marathon participants)

KM 24,8

Obere Donaustraße

KM 26,3

Untere Donaustraße 17 (Höhe Aspernbrückengasse)

KM 27,5

Prater Hauptallee

KM 28,7

Kaiserallee (Höhe Konstantineck)

KM 29,4

Prater Hauptallee - Plateau Meiereistraße

KM 30,9

Stadionbadparkplatz (for "starting" Relay-Marathon participants)

KM 31,6

Prater Hauptallee

KM 34,0

Prater Hauptallee

KM 37,5


KM 38,6


KM 39,9

Parkring between Liebenberggasse and Johannesgasse

KM 40,8

Kärntner Ring 16 (Corner Dumbastraße)

KM 42,195


Finish area

Update to 2024 follows. 

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