All about your Race Number

Only runners with an official race number of one of the Vienna City Marathon 2024 events are allowed to start. The race number is not transferable. It must be worn visibly on the chest and must not be altered.

For your safety, use the back to provide health-related information and contact details of a reference person.

The race number is valid as a ticket in all public transport in Vienna on your race day – Saturday, April 20 or Sunday, April 21, 2024: 2 hours before to 6 hours after the race start = starting shot.

You can resend your VCM check-in pass for collecting your race number HERE if you have not received it or can no longer find it.

Picking up your race number & Expo

Vienna Sports World / Marx Halle
Address: Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19, 1030 Vienna
Accessibility by public transport, car, Google Maps
  • Friday, April 19, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM – Number pick-up for all competitions (except Coca-Cola Inclusion Run)
  • Saturday, April 20, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM – Number pick-up for Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay Marathon
We ask everyone who lives or works in Vienna or has already arrived to pick up their number on Friday. This way, we and you can avoid longer waiting times.

Number pick-up for Saturday competitions

For Vienna 5K, The Daily Mile 800 & 1600: 
Friday, April 19, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Vienna Sports World / Marx Halle
Saturday, April 20, from 12:00 PM, Rathausplatz, Taylor Wessing Tent 
Until 4:15 PM: The Daily Mile 800
Until 5:15 PM: The Daily Mile 1600
Until 5:30 PM: Vienna 5K

For Coca-Cola Inclusion Run:
Exclusively on Saturday, April 20, 1:30-2:30 PM
Powerade Tower at Rathausplatz

To pick up your bib number, you need:

  • VCM Check-In Pass – you should have received it by email 
  • Photo ID
Pick-up of the race number by another person is possible. Required:
  • VCM Check-In pass
  • Power of attorney (Download)
  • ID of the collector
You can resend your VCM check-in pass for collecting your race number HERE, if you have not received it or can no longer find it.

Race number info Powerade Relay Marathon

For the relay team, one person picks up the race numbers for all four runners. The race numbers of a team are only issued together.Each relay team receives five numbers: four personal race numbers without a timing transponder and one (1) race number to pass on with a timing transponder and race number band.

 At the Powerade Relay Marathon, one person for all four runners of a relay team picks up the start materials.Each relay receives at the number pick-up an envelope with:
  • 4 race numbers without a timing transponder (e.g., 333A, 333B, 333C, 333D)
  • 1 smaller race number (A5) with a timing transponder (e.g., 333)
  • 4 x 4 safety pins
  • 1 cloakroom sticker with race number (e.g., 333) for the 1st relay runner at the start (only they can drop off clothing)
  • 1 info sheet with text explanation and QR code to the explanatory video
In addition to the envelope, each relay receives a race number band and 4 cloakroom bags from Erste Bank Sparkasse Running. The race number A5 with the timing transponder must be carried throughout the entire course to allow for timing and inclusion in the results list. The race number A5 with the timing transponder is passed from runner 1 to runner 2 at the exchange points, and likewise from 2 to 3 and from 3 to 4. Use the race number band for this purpose. This ensures an easy handover.
Attach your personal race number without the timing transponder (e.g., 333A, 333B, 333C, 333D) on the front of your running shirt. It serves to identify you as a participant in the Powerade Relay Marathon.

Prohibition of transferring race numbers

If you are unable to start for any reason, do not pass your race number outside the regular process to another person. The race number is your personalized ticket for VCM participation. The chip in the race number measures your running time. In case of emergency, the race number is the most important identification feature for medical services. The race number is also the identification feature for the photo service, which assigns your photos to you. If you simply pass on your race number and another person runs with it, you falsify the sporting result and put yourself and others in uncomfortable and dangerous situations.


The rules of World Athletics and the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the Vienna City Marathon apply.The focus is on the shared running experience, a friendly atmosphere, and sportsmanlike fairness. Rule violations may lead to disqualification. Reasons for disqualification include: starting under a false name or with incorrect data, starting without a valid race number, alterations to the race number, transferring a race number outside the regular process, participation with a race number that was transferred outside the regular process, starting from the wrong starting block, unsportsmanlike conduct, being accompanied by a vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle, car, inline skates, or other rolling devices), participation with vehicles or rolling devices, missing intermediate times at the timing control points, participation with animals on the course, cutting the course, changing lanes on the first kilometers before reaching Praterstern, violation of the sporting and technical rules of World Athletics as well as against the anti-doping regulations.

Changes of Data & Transfer to Other Persons

Transfers to other persons are possible for the Marathon, Wiener Städtische Half Marathon, and Powerade Relay Marathon (changes in the relay team) for a processing fee of 20,- € at the race number pick-up. Please contact the Help Desk with your VCM check-in pass and power of attorney. 

Changing Your Start Block

You can change your start block at the Helpdesk at the Vienna Sports World. To be assigned to a faster start block, you must present proof of an official running result in your race distance from the last three years.


Timing is done with an RFID chip in the race number. Wearing a race number with an integrated chip is required to receive a result. You cannot use your own chip and do not need to rent one.At the Powerade Relay Marathon, the personal race number must be worn on the jersey and the team race number incl. RFID chip must be passed on.At the Vienna 5K and the children's runs The Daily Mile 800 & 1600, participation with or without timing is possible. However, all runners still receive a race number with an RFID tag to confirm completion of the distance.

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