The myth of Hauptallee

The fastest running track in the world. Scene of Eliud Kipchoge's first marathon under two hours. The place for running & running events for over 200 years. World heritage of athletics as a global "landmark" of sport. Lined by 2,500 chestnut trees. A running paradise in the city and yet surrounded by greenery - 365 days a year, around the clock and illuminated at night.

The Prater Hauptallee in Vienna is a place that every running enthusiast simply has to experience.

Millions of kilometres and billions of steps have been run here. On no other day can the myth of the Hauptallee be felt as strongly and impressively as on the day of the Vienna City Marathon. Participants are immersed in this incomparable atmosphere for a quarter of the route. With the Wiener Städtische Motivation Mile, DJs and DJanes, dancers, drummers and music, we support you exactly where it gets tough after 30-35 kilometres.

Prater running paradise

From the Praterstern to the Lusthaus, the Prater Hauptallee is around 4.3 kilometres long. It is completely flat, dead straight and lined with more than 2,500 chestnut trees, surrounded by the 513-hectare nature reserve of the green Prater. The opportunities for walking are almost endless: on small paths through the forest, across meadows and along former arms of the Danube. Ducks, beavers, kingfishers, dragonflies and raccoons are your companions in the former floodplain - and in the immediate vicinity of the city.

The main avenue was created in 1537/38 by felling the imperial hunting grounds. In 1766, the Prater area was opened to all social classes. The long straight has been traffic-free since 1964. It is illuminated at night and accessible 24/7 for running, walking, cycling and strolling.

Time travel 1822–2022

Experience the most important milestones for running in the Prater Hauptallee.

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Running city Vienna

Vienna is a great city for running. For over 200 years and still today. In the Hauptallee and far beyond.

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