Hurray for our age group champions!

Age group runners with great performances at the Vienna City Marathon

Running is a sport for life and is fun at any age. That's why we're celebrating the age group winners of the 41st Vienna City Marathon. We list them all here from M/W 40 upwards. In recognition, we will send them a VCM medal engraved with their name, place and time in the coming weeks.

The results of the Vienna City Marathon 2024 are part of the Age Group World Rankings of the World Marathon Majors. All VCM Masters results have already been included in this ranking.

All those with a direct qualifying time will qualify to take part in the 2025 Age Group World Championships, provided they are registered with the AWMM World Ranking. Find out more HERE.


Age Group Champions 2024


M/W 40

Ignas Brasevicius, Lithuania, 2:22:56

Helalia Johannes, Namibia, 2:30:53


M/W 45 

Gábor Szabó, Hungary, 2:36:51

Kinga Zólyomi, Hungary, 2:57:39


M/W 50

Wim Smets, Belgium, 2:36:39

Stefania Placenza, Italy, 3:14:56


M/W 55

Marco Diehl, Germany, 2:46:18

Karin Jaun, Switzerland, 3:05:32


M/W 60

Jürg Merkt, Switzerland, 2:52:48

Corinne Zisch, Switzerland, 3:26:15


M/W 65

Allart Olivier, France, 2:59:58 

Christina Böhler, Austria, 3:53:49


M/W 70

Carsten Grove, Denmark, 3:54:02

Joelle Philippot, France, 4:00:54


M/W 75

Ulrich Dittmer, Germany, 4:37:23

Mireille Carrara, France, 5:50:35 



Gerhard Auner, Austria, 5:26:29


Congratulations to all of you! Keep on running.