Training Zone of the Vienna City Marathon

This is the place for everyone who loves running, has recently started, or wants to get back into it, or simply seeks training tips. 

Tip #1: Do it, and do it together. You'll always be motivated with a friend or a group.   

Training Plans

To help you prepare for the Vienna City Marathon 2024, we are once again offering VCM training plans for the marathon and Wiener Städtische Half Marathon from our partner Sportordination, tailored to the VCM Winter Running Series and the weekly VCM Training Runs. 

You can download the training plans here.
Use the code vcm2024 to get the right plan for you free of charge.
Please note, that the plans are in German language only.

The plans are based on target times of 3:30-4:30 hours for the marathon and 1:45-2:15 hours for the Wiener Städtische half marathon.

We wish you all the best and lots of fun with your VCM preparation! 


Training runs - running better together

To support your preparation for the Vienna City Marathon and Wiener Städtische Half Marathon on 21 April 2024 and to boost your motivation, we will be holding weekly VCM Training Runs in the Prater Hauptallee in Vienna again from the end of October. 

The VCM Training Runs are an initiative of the Vienna Sports and Athletics Club (SLW). Our partner Sportordination organises the training sessions with experienced coaches in several pace groups.  

VCM Training Runs 2023/24

  • Every Tuesday until the VCM - starting from October 24th
  • Starts at 6:30 PM
  • Meeting Point: Prater Hauptallee KM 2 / "Kipchoge Ziel" / Stadionbad car park
  • Total duration 2 hours, sometimes even a bit longer, including warm-up & cool-down
  • 5-6 pace groups with coaches from Sportordination
  • No dates during the Christmas holidays
  • Participation free of charge
  • Only take part if you are healthy and fit.
 Just come along and join us. We look forward to seeing you! 

Here you can find the training courses until the beginning of 2024 in detail: 
VCM Training Runs Programs March - April 2024

From March onwards, we train with marathon tempo runs in particular to economise the race pace. The training sessions therefore last around 2 hours and sometimes a little longer.

The training is tailored to the VCM Winter Running Series and is geared towards target times of 3:30 to 4:30 hours for the marathon and 1:45 to 2:15 for the half marathon. From December, we will also be offering a running group with the aim of "getting through". 

We pick up the pace at the VCM Training Runs! 

We work on speed and the specific speed endurance required for the marathon. These intervals and HIIT units are challenging, which is precisely why we run them together in a group. The VCM Training Runs do not replace the runs to build up basic endurance. Rather, they provide an emphasis on speed and intensity that many runners might not be able to achieve on their own.  

HIIT means: "High Intensity Interval Training".
Short series lasting 15 seconds to 2 minutes with maximum or almost maximum performance. This is followed by an equally long break, e.g. slow trotting or walking. 

Only come to the VCM Training Run if you are healthy!
  • In case of pain or infection: Take a break and give yourself time to get fit and fully resilient again.
  • If in doubt, have yourself checked by a doctor.
  • Be aware that the fast and perhaps unfamiliar training sessions are strenuous.
Participation is free of charge. We look forward to seeing you and having great training experiences together!

Important to know: 
  • During the VCM Training Runs, pictures and videos will be taken for the social media channels of the Vienna City Marathon and Sportordination.
  • Participation in the VCM Training Runs is at your own risk. The organiser and the trainers accept no liability for accidents or damage.

VCM training information

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