How to prepare for the cold

With our tips, you'll get through the VCM well even in low temperatures

It will be chilly on Saturday and Sunday. Forecasts are for early temperatures of 3-4°C, during the day it should only be slightly warmer. Rain and sleet showers are not out of the question, especially on Saturday. Plus the wind. - The exact forecast is clearly subject to change, but the trend is likely to remain the same.

Follow the current weather forecast, for example at Geosphere Austria.

Be prepared for very fresh conditions. The longer the running distance, the greater the risk of hypothermia, especially if there is also rain.

  • Bring your winter outfit with a hat or headband and gloves, especially before the start. For trousers and shirts, "long-long" is probably the right choice for many.
  • The appropriate clothing depends very much on your running pace and individual feeling. "Experienced runners" will start with shorts or ¾ tights) and short sleeves with sleeves and/or gloves. The "looser" the running pace is planned, the more clothing is necessary and sensible. For runners who have not planned a best time, long thin trousers, a long-sleeved shirt and possibly a thin windbreaker or gilet are recommended. Clothing that is too warm is also unfavourable. 
  • For participants in the Saturday races: Pick up your race number in the Marx Halle on Friday so that you are independent of the weather and don't have to queue outside on race day before the race.
  • Keep warm before the start. On Sunday, 8.35 a.m. is the last time you can drop off your clothes at the start, otherwise the lorries will not be able to drive to the finish. - Depending on the starting block, there is almost an hour after this, during which you should not cool down. 
  • Think about whether someone can accompany you to the start to help you.
  • Take old clothes with you and simply leave them at the start. 
    The clothes will be collected by MA 48 and, if possible, kept in circulation or materially recycled.
  • Think actively about drinking during the run, especially at low temperatures. The feeling of thirst is less pronounced in the cold, but the need for fluids is still there.
  • At low temperatures and if desired, we offer rain ponchos for marathon and half marathon runners at the finish line. You can reuse this poncho several times for different purposes. Please take it home with you. If you have no use for it, dispose of it there in the yellow bin (plastic recycling).
  • On Sunday we offer tea for finishers. The distribution point is located directly between the finish catering exit and Rathausplatz and will be supervised by the Red Cross.