Your Personal Photos

sportograf We capture your memories! 

A great team of photographers was there at the Vienna City Marathon to take the best possible pictures of the event and especially of you. 
  • Main event
  • Sunday
  • Saturday

    All those who bought their photos in the presale offer have already received their code for ordering without further payment by e-mail a week ago.
Participants in the Wiener Städtische Half Marathon have also already received a discount code for ordering photos.

In addition to your personal photo highlights, you will also receive a one-minute video with a personal scene on the home stretch free of charge. 

Marathon: € 36.99 presale or € 39.99 

Wiener Städtische Half Marathon: € 26.99 presale or € 29.99

Powerade Relay Marathon: € 39.99 

Saturday events: € 14.99

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