VCM Charity

Run for a good cause at the Vienna City Marathon now

VCM Charity is full of energy on the road to the Vienna City Marathon 2025. 
  • Below you will find the aid organisations and NGOs from Austria that have been part of VCM Charity for many years. 
  • Our international partner Realbuzz supports charity organisations worldwide and offers guaranteed starting places. 

    With your donation, you are doing good and giving your start at the Vienna City Marathon a meaning that goes beyond the personal feeling of happiness.   

VCM Charity out of emotion and conviction

Many participants in the Vienna City Marathon support VCM Charity and see it as an affair of the heart. Since 2015, over 750,000 euros have been raised by runners.

Running for those who can't do it themselves - for children with MPS!

Your support for our MPS therapy week results in more mobility and less pain and therefore quality of life and often even time - time to live. Please help us to improve the lives of MPS children!

A piece of normality for families with seriously ill children!

A marathon like this is pretty exhausting, so you can sometimes run out of breath. Parents of seriously ill children must never run out of breath. They do a superhuman job, day after day, around the clock. We cannot relieve them of this immense burden, but we can make it a little easier. Arche Herzensbrücken is a temporary retreat with nursing relief, music, painting and animal-assisted therapies and psychosocial support. A place that brings shared moments of joy and happiness into the lives of affected families, allowing them to take time out to recharge their batteries and give them hope. Please help too, give a piece of normality!

MOMO children's hospice: We are there in laughter and in tears

The MOMO children's hospice and children's palliative care team has been providing medical, nursing, therapeutic, psychosocial and voluntary support to seriously ill children aged 0 to 18 and their families at home since 2013. The care programme is free of charge for affected families and is largely financed by donations.

MOMO is there for the whole family from the moment a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening or life-shortening illness and beyond death - in laughter and in tears. As unique as every seriously ill child and every family situation is, MOMO also responds to the need for care on an individual basis. The MOMO team is multi-professional to ensure that this is successful.

Run for MOMO at the Vienna City Marathon! This will raise important donations for the care of seriously ill children and their families.

I am a pacemaker. For children's rights.

Children have very special rights and need protection. But the reality of children in poor countries is very different: Poverty, malnutrition, exploitation, violence, abuse, no schooling. Kindernothilfe strengthens and protects girls and boys worldwide. It campaigns against exploitative child labour and for children's rights such as education and health. For the chance of a decent life. You too can be a pacemaker. So that children's rights are realised.

Run with us - making a difference through movement

RAINBOWS - contact point for children and young people after parental separation/divorce or the death of a loved one The divorce of parents, the death of a loved one - these are all drastic moments in the lives of children and young people. Their familiar world collapses, anger, insecurity, feelings of guilt, disappointment and fear of an uncertain future accompany the children during this time. RAINBOWS has set itself the goal of supporting affected children through this emotional chaos in order to give them new orientation, self-confidence and a zest for life and to help them accept the changed family situation. Often, however, the financial means of the families concerned are not sufficient to enable the children to attend RAINBOWS. However, it is important to us to be there for all children - regardless of their financial situation! That's why we ask you - run for RAINBOWS and give the children a chance!

SOS Children's Villages - A loving home for every child

SOS Children's Villages supports families before they break apart and gives children who can no longer grow up with their parents a new, safe home. Children should grow up protected and supported and be able to start an independent life as strengthened young adults. SOS Children's Villages is committed to this in 138 countries around the world. Whether you want to run with your school class or with friends for a good cause - taking part strengthens your sense of community and has a positive effect on your health! At the same time, you are helping people who have had a difficult start in life and giving your run a special meaning. Stand up for the right to a loving home with SOS Children's Villages! In this way, you will enable children, young people and families in Austria and around the world to have a better future.

The myth of Hauptallee

The Prater Hauptallee in Vienna is a place that every running enthusiast simply has to experience.

The fastest running track in the world. Scene of Eliud Kipchoge's first marathon under two hours. The place for running & running events for over 200 years.

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