vcm winterlauf serie 2009
As a Supporter of the Initiative Get Your Kids Moving I agree that:
  • Active Participation in Sport is a precious gift which I and my family wholeheartedly wish to pass on to our child/children.
  • I believe that varied activities and learning motor skills in childhood and youth are an irreplaceable basis for a persons overall development, for health, self-confidence, creativity and a positive body image, both now and in future.
  • I am convinced that my child/children will develop a positive life style through sporting activity which will help overcome challenges in later life.
Concrete Aims:
  • In our family we have set ourselves the goal of doing more sport together from now on. Activities such as running, ball games, gymnastics, track and field athletics, exercising in water and in Nature and cycling, among other pursuits, in the form of play which is suitable for children, form an important part of our communal leisure.
  • I shall also ensure that movement becomes a natural part of our daily life.
Personal Statement:
  • I shall not set any goals which do not match our physical capabilities or are not possible because of reduced training opportunities.
  • I shall support our child/children in training, encourage and motivate them when they find it hard going, so that the joy in movement remains with them long-term.
  • I shall encourage and support our child/children, if they want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by a sports club or the offer of organised training sessions.