just to know your own limits

Go to the Start Line having passed the VCM PAR-Q Test!

The PAR-Q Test (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) is an internationally recognised “Quickfire Questionnaire” which the sportsman or woman can use to check on their suitability for physical activity. The PAR-Q Test consists of eight questions and the replies offer helpful indications of whether it is safe to increase your sporting activity.

If you have already applied to run in the Vienna City Marathon, you can undertake the PAR-Q Test in your own VCM Insider Zone.

Take the test and do yourself a favour in terms of your health and safety. The result of the PAR-Q Test will be stored in your VCM Insider Profile and will be available to the VCM Medical Team and the emergency service of the Austrian Red Cross on race day. In carrying out the PAR-Q Test you will be making an important contribution to your own safety!

The VCM PAR-Q Test is a free service from the Vienna City Marathon in co-operation with the expert team of the VCM Medical Centre.

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