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The Vienna City Marathon 2015 runs with the Motto of “We are Europe”

2014-09-12 14:05:47

The new theme puts the concept of togetherness through running at the forefront. [more]

Illustration: VCM Picture: VCM / Leo Hagen Picture: VCM / Leo Hagen

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The Vienna City Marathon 2015 runs with the Motto of “We are Europe”


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The Vienna City Marathon 2015 runs with the Motto of “We are Europe”

The new theme of the coming year for Austria’s biggest sports event puts the concept of togetherness through running at the forefront.

Running as an expression of peaceful co-existence and personal freedom, independent of nation, religion and skin colour: the Vienna City Marathon puts this experience at the forefront with its new theme for the year, “We are Europe.” The event on April 12, 2015 and the build-up to the big day will have this theme as its guiding light.

“The marathon with its origins in ancient Greek legend, is a European idea. We want to emphasise how running can bring people together internationally with our theme for the coming year. The Vienna City Marathon is not only about getting people on the move in a sporting sense but also emotionally and with their stories,” explained the VCM race director Wolfgang Konrad.

“We are Europe” at the VCM

The fact that 40,000 runners from all parts of the world take part in the Vienna City Marathon speaks for the enthusiasm of the participants in itself. You can sense the feeling of togetherness and mutual respect for everyone. A number of factors has contributed to the development of the theme “We are Europe.”

• The Vienna City Marathon is the biggest spring gathering in Europe for runners. More than 11,000 participants come from all over Europe to Vienna. No other marathon in the first half of the year sets more Europeans in motion outside of their own country.

• For many years the “Anthem to Europe” from Ludwig van Beethoven’s 9th Symphony has thrilled hearts and minds at the start of the Vienna City Marathon. Every participant is welcomed with this music, composed by Beethoven in Vienna, at the “Greeting Ceremony.”

• The VCM is the Marathon for central Europe. Runners from central or eastern Europe are at the heart of this event. Entries from these countries are steadily on the rise.

• Participants from all European countries are on the start line. Austria with over 29,000 runners is clearly the best represented, then come Germany, Italy, Hungary, France, Poland, Switzerland, Great Britain…

• The Vienna City Marathon has achieved worldwide resonance. Participants from 125 countries and every continent produce proof each year that the classical culture of Vienna and marathon running, arising in Europe from ancient Greek legend, are seen as unifying symbols.

VCM-Video full of passion and enthusiasm

The official video of the Vienna City Marathon 2015 is a perfect expression for the main theme “We are Europe”. Marathon, Emotion, Culture and the way sport can bring people together – everything is there. A Flashmob at the VCM Friendship Party, the Music for “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and thrilling highlights from the Vienna City Marathon combine to make a unique running video.

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