safe to the start

The "VCM Medical Center" - safe to the start!

The VCM Medical Center at the exposition "VCM Expo" serves as a "Last-minute-helpdesk" in case of unforeseen health problems before the race. VCM chief medical advisor Dr. Christian Gäbler and her team of experts will be at the participants' disposal - free of charge. This service is meant to minimize health risks.

At the VCM Medical Center a dedicated team of medical specialists (sports trauma surgeons, internal medicine physicians, doctors of sport medicine, sport medicine scientists and physical therapists will advise the participants in case of medical problems. The VCM Medical Canter, headed by Dr. Christian Gäbler, is a service free of charge for all participants. It is unique in its kind and quality. All the specialists supporting this service have a special medical understanding for the problems of athletes shortly before a race, for which they have trained hard and spent a lot of energy and time.

Medical advice will be given to athletes with acute health problems who are not certain if they should participate in the marathon - such as, for example, a cold or pain in the locomotor system. Many athletes could be reassured for the race with a medical check and they were also given individual advice. Only a few athletes had to be advised against participating in the marathon.
It is crucial to discover runners with acute health problems, such as coronary diseases or inflammations of the myocardial muscle. Most fatalities that occur during marathons can be attributed to these medical conditions. The VCM Medical Center is also equipped to carry out lab-analyses of certain parameters indicating inflammations, as well as carry out ECGs and ultrasonic examinations of the heart.

Running a marathon is a huge, attractive challenge, a highlight for thousands of amateur athletes. It is best to approach this challenge with confidence, realistic self-assessment and with a positive attitude. But only those who are certain to be healthy and physically resilient should participate in a marathon.