Konzert 2013

Credits: VBW / Brinkhoff Mögenburg

Enjoy "ELISABETH" with the VCM!

Get your tickets for the marathon weekend to watch the world famous musical about the myth surrounding the empress "Sissi"

The Vienna City Marathon offers you the chance to experience the musical "Elisabeth" on marathon weekend. An audience of 8.5 million people in 9 countries (so far in: Belgium, Germany, Finland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Hungary) have already seen the most successful German language musical about the myth surrounding the Empress "Sissi".

The Musical written by Michael Kunze and composed by Sylvester Levay tells the story of Elisabeth ("Sissi") the Empress of Austria from her engagement and marriage in 1854 to her murder in 1898 at the hands of the Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni, through the lense of her growing obsession with Death as her marriage and her empire crumble around her at the turn of the century.

Get yourself swept away by the drama and emotion of this showpiece and enjoy a special evening true to the motto "run vienna – enjoy classics".

Date: Friday, 12th April 2013
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Place: Raimundtheater 1060 Wien, Wallgasse 18-20


The team of the Vienna City Marathon wishes you a memorable evening with the musical "Elisabeth" and all the best at the 30th jubilee of the Vienna City Marathon!

We are sorry, but the available amount of tickets is completely booked.