to be on the safe side

Ready – Healthy – Go!

Be safe at the start with the VCM Emergency System
from the Vienna Insurance Group

Register your voluntary personal details to make sure you stay healthy on race day!

You have done all the right things and have prepared thoroughly for the VCM so can go to the start of the Vienna City Marathon with confidence.

However, the unexpected can happen although everyone hopes it will not. Quite apart from what might happen, it’s important for your security that everyone who would be treating you in an emergency should have fast and efficient access to all details concerning your health.


By using the VCM Emergency System you can:

  • Add voluntary personal details  ONLINE [here]


  • Add voluntary personal details on the VIENNA SPORTS WORLD [here] website.

You can take this opportunity to add to voluntary personal details if you have not already given them when registering your entry:

  • Name and telephone number of your contact person in case of emergency  (Vienna)
  • Name and telephone number of your contact person in case of emergency (at home)

Any discomfort  / illnesses of which you are aware before the start:

  • Allergies
  • Current illness
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Cardiovascular illnesses
  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Medication which you are required to take

Please Note:

These details will be added to the personal information in the “VCM Emergency System” which you gave when applying to enter the VCM and will be available in an emergency exclusively for use by the team at the VCM Medical Center (comprising colleagues from the Vienna Red Cross as well as medical staff from the Vienna City Marathon). The information will be processed and stored

VCM Emergency System in Zusammenarbeit mit: