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The VCM Manifesto for fairness in sport


Humans started walking millions of years ago.
Running evolved during the history of human development, and early running competions date back to Olympic games held in ancient Greece.
Competitive running in modern times is a big part of track and field and is represented in many ways. Running experienced a rebirth in the 1980 in the USA. Large masses of runners were able to participate and compete in organized road races. The number of runners - from the world record holder to the past time jogger- increases every year at world renowned marathon events, such as the ones held in New York, Berlin, London, Chicago, Boston etc.
Austria too enjoys an increase in the numbers of running enthusiasts partially because of the successful Vienna City Marathon.

Running unites societal and cultural differences and brings people of different colors, races religion and nations together. The Vienna City Marathon and all other national and international running events are a testament to the peaceful coexistence of runners with different backgrounds. Ten thousands of people come together at great personal costs to achieve personal goals without having to resort to violence, racism or discriminations.
Running is also a very important role in today's society for health purposes.
Unfortunately negative human developments and societal ills are showing up at many sport events. But the majority of participants of the Vienna City Marathon and other national and international running events reject inconsiderate behavior, fraud, doping and drug abuses.


We, the signers of this manifesto, declare:

  • Running means excitement, freedom and fun, relaxation and health, competition and friendship, stress reduction and life management, and joy and happiness. Only a few of us will consider it as occupation.
  • Participating at a running event means having fun while doing it.
  • We appreciate everyone's achievement regardless of success or failure, and placement or result.
  • We know the difficulties of returning to an active lifestyle after a prolonged illness or injury.
  • We know that everyone can be proud of her/himself after running a certain distance or after participating at a race, regardless of distance or placement.
  • We trust our natural abilities and our hard training to give us enough physical and mental strength to be confident during a race and practices, supported by family members, friends and spectators along the racecourse.
  • We reject fraudulent and reckless practices of doping, drug abuses, and cheating- like taking shortcuts- in order to improve official racing results.
  • We do not appreciate the fact that a small group of athletes and their support system recklessly undermine the quality and experience of an organized running event for other participants because of their unsportsmanlike conduct. Recklessly behaving athletes should not be allowed to participate at any running events now and in the future.
  • We also refuse to accept the statement that a majority of amateur runners are using illegal drugs in order to increase their performance during race day.

    Henceforth, you (the signer) must agree that:
    You promise not to take any banned substances in order to enhance my physical performance. You must also promise that you will only take prescription drugs when medically indicated and you will make sure they are in compliance with the banned substance act for my own good.

    [zur VCM Rubrik "zu Ihrem Schutz"]
  • You, Competitive athletes, who undersign this declaration must also make promise that:

    You have no intentions to use banned substances. Should you every be convicted of having broken Anti-doping rules, you must agree to return all stipends, subsidies, prize moneys and payments received from sponsors over the last 3 years as requested by my donors.
  • Strict and intelligent doping controls are important. But we object claims that every competitive athlete is using performance-enhancing drugs. There are many examples of drug free athletic achievements. Herein lays the beauty of running. Amateur and professional runners compete together at the same time, the same distance with the same goal. Only running can provide that kind of opportunities.


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Clean Running

The VCM Manifesto for fairness in sport

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