General conditions of participation Vienna City Marathon

1 - Conditions

The following general conditions of participation are valid for all participants taking part in one of the competitions of the VCM:

  • Vienna City Marathon (42,195 km)
  • Half Marathon (21,0975km)
  • Relay Marathon (42,195km – teams of 4 runners)
  • Coca-Cola 4.2 (4,2km)
  • Coca-Cola Run 2.0 (2km)
For international top athletes and for invited and/or participating ÖLV team athletes the VCM rules of competition for top athletes will be applied in addition. [VCM Competition Rules for Top Athletes]

Organizer of the Vienna City Marathon:
Sport- und Leichtathletikclub Wien (SLW), ZVR-Zahl: 735282923, c/o Tendlergasse 14a/3/22, 1090 Wien.
The event is handled and implemented on behalf of SLW by Enterprise Sport Promotion GmbH, Akaziengasse 36, 1230 Wien and Vienna City Marathon Marketing und Vertriebs GmbH, Akaziengasse 36, 1230 Wien (media proprietor and publisher).

Competent court: Vienna

These conditions of participation regulate the legal relations between the participant and the organizer (organizational contract). They are subject to occasional alterations. They are part of the contract between the organizer and the participant in the respective valid version at the time of registration. Alterations which occur in consideration of the participants’ legitimate interests and which are made public by the organizer on the internet or in written form become part of the contract of the conditions of participation without further notice.

All statements of a participant to the organizer are to be made exclusively in written form via mail or e-mail ( to the organizer, Enterprise Sport Promotion GmbH, Akaziengasse 36, 1230 Wien.

2 – Participation and security

Eligibility: whoever has reached the age specified in the respective invitation to participation is eligible.

Participation in one of the competitions of the VCM using other sports equipment is not permitted. Any kind of sports equipment that may harm the participants’ or spectators’ security or health are not permitted at the competition. These include for example bicycles and inline skates. Participation with wheelchairs and so-called handbikes is not permitted for security reasons.

Accompanying participants with bicycles, inline skates and other means of locomotion as well as taking along prams, so called “baby-joggers” (prams equipped for jogging) or animals is not permitted and results in the disqualification of the respective participant. Accompanying participants by bicycle is exclusively permitted to persons authorized and accredited by the organizer. Accredited accompanying persons by bicycle are engaged by the organizer on the day of the race exclusively for protecting top athletes that are relevant to the live transmission. The staff members accredited by the organizer are authorized to remove participants violating this rule from the contest.

Organizational measures are announced to the participants by the organizer before the marathon event. It is imperative to follow the instructions by the organizer and by the appropriately identified staff members. In case of noncompliance disturbing the proper course of the event or jeopardizing the security of the participants the organizer is authorized to ban and/or disqualify the person concerned from the event at any time. Legally binding assertions against the participants can be made exclusively by the group of persons authorized by the organizer for this purpose. This group of persons also comprises the members of the medical services in charge of the competition who are entitled to prohibit a participant from taking part or continuing participating in the marathon event in order to protect the participant in case of respective medical symptoms.

The marathon event will take place in all weathers. However, the organizer reserves the right to discontinue the marathon event in case of imminent danger (e.g. heat, severe weather, force majeure, terror, etc.) without any claim to refund of the participation fee by the participants.


3 – Registration / conditions of payment/ refund/ organizational matters

Online registration: online registration to all competitions of the Vienna City Marathon is possible via the online internet portal Accounting is effected by Mikatiming by order and for account of the organizer. On the respective participant can gain access to the status quo of the registration in real time.


Personal registration: registration to the competitions o the Vienna City Marathon is also possible by handing in the official registration form at the VCM organization office. The registration form for the respective event has to be completed properly and signed the participant.


Other types of registration: registrations per “electronic mail” or by phone cannot be accepted.

The payment of the registration fee can be effected by credit card for all types of registration (Online registration). We accept exclusively VISA credit cards or Eurocards/Mastercards. Credit cards from other companies cannot be accepted. Participants from Austria or Germany owning a bank account in Austria or Germany can also effect the payment of the registration fee via one-time direct debit. However mail and fax registrations can be paid via one-time direct debit only by participants owning a bank account in Austria. Registrations which are sent in without concurrent credit advice resp. receipt of payment of the registration fee are not accepted on principle. In case of personal registration at the VCM shop Laufschuh Experte payment can also be effected in cash. Unsigned or unpaid registrations are not processed. Registration forms sent in by minors must be additionally signed by the legal representatives. Due to organizational reasons payment of the registration fee to a bank account is not possible. For registration by mail or fax an additional handling fee of €5,- will be charged. In case of double registration a handling fee of €10,- will be charged. If a registered participant wished to change from Marathon to Half Marathon, a handling fee of € 10,- will be deducted from entry fee paid for the Marathon. By transfer of an entry from Half Marathon to Marathon a handlilng fee of € 10,- will be charged plus the remaining amount to Marathon entry fee valid at the time hast o be paid. Bank expenses caused by incorrect, incomplete or illegible data given on the entry form will be charged to the participant responsible. Registered participants who fail to take part, for whatever reasons, are not entitled to claim refund of the participation fee.


Entry fees for the competitions are staggered according to different allotments. Please find further information at


In case of registration by internet all participants receive a confirmation on the screen giving the allocated registration number immediately after sending the registration form. This confirmation serves as an attestation of the proper transfer of the data to the organizer. This confirmation is also automatically sent to the participant’s e-mail address and MUST be printed out by the participant for collecting the race documents. Upon registration at a password /User login is allocated. At the participant can see if the respective payment for the registration has been confirmed as well. This can take a few days, depending on the mode of payment. If payment is definitely specified as confirmed it is possible to print a confirmation containing the status of payment. The confirmation (screen printout) and/or the confirmation printed out after confirmation of payment giving the status of payment are to be signed by the participant and handed in when collecting the race documents. In case of a mistake on the side of the participant when giving the data for payment will send an information by mail to the participant. Being listed in the official list of starters at resp. also serves as a confirmation of the proper transfer of data to the organizer, but it does not serve as a confirmation of payment. Collection of race documents without handing in the confirmation signed by the participant is only possible by presenting an ID and by signing a special confirmation at the registration desk.
Confirmation of registations will not be send if a registration is handed in by the participant personally at the shop „VCM Laufschuhexperte“ or at the organization office. In this case a copy of an ID hast o be handed in and a spcial confirmation has to be singed directly at the registration desk.
Possible deficits have to be balanced at the cashier’s desk before collecting the race documents.


The organizer reserves the right to disqualify and/or exclude a participant from the competition in case the participant has given wrong information concerning personal data relevant for the assessment of the achievement, or if he underlies a ban by the national sports association resp. by NADA, if he has already been banned for committing a doping offence or in case there is suspicion of the participant’s starting after using substances that are not permitted (doping). In case a participant registers in any manner (in written form or online) for one of the competitions of the marathon event despite fulfilling criteria that can result in disqualification, there is no legally valid contract between the organizer and the participant.


Participation in the marathon event is a strictly personal right and not transferable. Race numbers are not transferable.


Registered participants who do not appear at the start or declare their non-participation in the marathon event to the organizer, for whatever reason, are not entitled to claim refund of the participation fee.


In case of online registration via the internet ( the participants have the possibility to conclude an insurance for cancellation/withdrawal subject to a charge. Details can be found in the respective page of . This insurance is a service from The respective insurance premium is charged by and directly transferred to the insurance company. Submitting insurance cases is exclusively possible at using the respective password/user login which each participant has deposited personally upon registration of the insurance at Information and confirmations of payment for insurances concerning withdrawal/cancellation can only be given by


Refund of the participation fee is only possible in case of complete cancellation of the marathon event. In case of unjustified cancellation by the organizer only part of the participation fee will be refunded after deducting expenses apportioned to the participant. By payment of the registration fee, the participant becomes entitled to join the event as a runner. The participant does not aquire rights on services which are provided by the event organiser free of charge.


If the temperature on the day of the race at the time of the men’s finish (approx. 11.10am - starting time 9.00am) is higher that 30° Celsius according to the weather station Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) the race will be discontinued for all participants who have not yet completed half of the marathon distance after consulting the jury. The participants concerned will automatically be directed to the finish area at Heldenplatz and will receive a result for the half marathon. If the temperature exceeds 33° Celsius the race will be discontinued also for all participants on the second half of the course. These measures are meant to preserve the health and security of the participants.


For organizational reasons the organizer sets a limit to the number of participants and/or a latest date for registration, which is either announced in the invitation for participation or at a later time. Any number of registrations exceeding the limit may be rejected by the organizer. The number of entries will be limited by estimation of the organizer. Registrations will be accepted in the order of their incoming. Early registration will guarantee your entry.

The following documents have to be presented for collection of the race documents at the marathon fair „Vienna Sports World“:
1. Confirmation of registration sent to you by e-mail immediately after having finished online registation.
This confirmation has to be signed by the participant and handed in at the registration desk. By signing this confirmation you confirm that you will not pass on the bib number to any other athlete. You are aware of the fact that the bib number is the only document to identify a runner in case of emergency. I am aware oft he fact that I might endanger another ethlete by passing on my bib number. It is definitely forbidden to pass on the bib number which serves as most important tool for identification of an athlete during the race.
Starting documents will definitely NOT be HANDED OUT without signed confirmation of registration!

Do you want to collect the race documents for a friend?
In this case please bring along the following documents:

2. Your friend’s confirmation of registration, duly signed by him-/herself.
3. A power of attorny, personally signed by your friend. A respective form is available in the download section on
4. A photocopy of your friend’s ID card.
The starting documents will definitely not be handed out to a third party without presentation of the above mentioned documents!

4 - Exclusion of liability

In case the organizer is entitled to alter the process of the event or to cancel the event because of acts of nature or obliged to do so on magisterial demand for security reasons the organizer is not liable for compensation against the participants.


The organizer is not liable for material damages or property loss.


The organizer does not assume liability for a participant‘s health risks in connection with his or her participation in one of the competitions of the Vienna City Marathon. It is the participant’s responsibility to obtain a medical assessment of their state of health before the competition.


There is no liability on the side of the organizer for storing objects on behalf of the participant that are taken over by third parties assigned by the organizer. This applies in particular to objects that are handed in at the start to the clothes service (truck transport of clothes from the start to the finish area). The clothes service will take exclusively the special clothes bags provided by the organizer that are handed out together with the race documents. Clothes bags can be collected at the finish area until 4 pm. Clothes bags that are not collected will be kept by the organizer until 3 weeks after the marathon event at the maximum. In this period of time the clothes bags can be collected at the organizer’s office on presentation of the race number. After this deadline uncollected clothes bags are disposed of by the organizer. As a matter of principle it is impossible to send uncollected clothes bags by post.

5 - Data collection and data processing

Personal data given by the participants at registration are saved and processed for the purpose of carrying into effect the marathon event including the purpose of the participants‘ medical attendance by the medical services in charge on the course and in the finish area. This also includes data given for the purpose of settlement of payment. At registration the participant consents to the saving of data for this purpose.


Photos, shots and interviews from the participants taken in connection with the participation in the competition can be broadcast by radio and television, published in print media and books, reproduced photomechanically (films, videocassettes etc) by the organizer excluding the participants’ claim to financial remuneration.


The personal data saved as noted in paragraph 1 are passed on to a commercial photo service for the purpose of submitting photos from the participants taken on the course and at the finish. At registration the participant consents to the saving and processing of the given data for this purpose. However, with this consent the participant does not automatically agree to purchasing such photos. The manner of contacting the participant resp. the submission of photos is the concern of the commercial photo service. Submission of relevant offers in this regard and/or photos can be effected electronically (e-mail) and/or by post.

With their registration to one of the competitions of the Vienna City Marathon participants consent to the publishing of photos taken in the course of the event (full image or miniature image) in the individualized/digitalized list of results at


The personal data saved as noted in paragraph 1 are passed on to a commercial third party for the purpose of time-keeping, compilation of the lists of results and publishing these lists on the internet. At registration the participant consents to the saving and processing of the given data for this purpose.


The participant’s surname, first name, year of birth, sex, sports club if applicable, race number and result (ranking and time) are printed resp. published in all relevant media covering the marathon event (printed matter such as program booklet or result booklet, as well as on the internet). At registration the participant consents to the saving and processing of the given data for this purpose.


In case the participant has given his e-mail address at registration he/she consents to receiving information relevant to the competition via e-mail. Such information is exclusively dispatched by the organizer. There is no passing on of personal data (as noted in paragraph1), especially e-mail addresses to other parties than those mentioned in paragraphs

6- Time keeping, chip deposit and irregular conduct


In all competitions (except the Coca-Cola 2.0) timekeeping is effected exclusively by means of time keeping chip. All participants in the competitions must have a valid time keeping chip during the competition. Each participant needs a chip for time-keeping.


Any alteration of the race number in any manner, esp. effacing the promotional print or rendering it indiscernible leads to the disqualification of the participant.