We are Europe

The Vienna City Marathon 2015 runs with the Motto of “We are Europe”

Running as an expression of peaceful co-existence and personal freedom, independent of nation, religion and skin colour: the Vienna City Marathon puts this experience at the forefront with its new theme for the year, “We are Europe.”

“The marathon with its origins in ancient Greek legend, is a European idea. We want to emphasise how running can bring people together internationally with our theme for the coming year. The Vienna City Marathon is not only about getting people on the move in a sporting sense but also emotionally and with their stories,” explained the VCM race director Wolfgang Konrad.

Carpet for Europe

As an expression of the theme for the year of “We are Europe” the VCM has started the charity initiative “Carpet for Europe”. A campaign was launched in autumn 2014 to donate old running T-shirts. With the help of the Behindertenhilfe Korneuburg, an institution to support disabled people near Vienna, T-shirts were woven into a giant, multi-coloured “Carpet for Europe.” The carpet will be displayed at the Vienna Sports World in April. Afterwards it will be auctioned for VCM charity.

Breathtaking video of the Vienna City Marathon and the “Ode to Joy”

The official video of the Vienna City Marathon 2015 is a perfect symbol for the motto: “We are Europe”. Marathon, Emotion, Culture and the way sport can bring people together – everything is there. A Flashmob at the VCM Friendship Party, the Music for “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and thrilling highlights from the Vienna City Marathon combine to a unique running video.

Artists: Graz Salon Orchester & Coro Eurolatinoamericano
Musical Directors: Klaus Eberle / Pablo Boggiano
Video production: Mediavilm, The Schubidu Quartet
Camera: The Schubidu Quartet, ORF, Christian Haake, WienTourismus
Editor: Sascha Zacsek / Mediavilm
Sound and recording flashmob: Herbert Hietler / AV Professional
Conception flashmob: Alexandra Ritter / MusicArtsVienna
Production: Kathrin Widu, Marlene Wallner, Wolfgang Konrad / VCM

Run Vienna – Enjoy Classics

In recent years the Vienna City Marathon has succeeded in creating a unique position as a marathon event on the international scene. It offers participants a very different experience to what they can find elsewhere around the world. The reason why it’s extraordinary is because that’s in keeping with the city of Vienna itself and because the organising team brings such passion and creativity to their work to make the Vienna City Marathon outstanding.

Take the chance and browse online through our unique booklet. Let yourself be swept away by the charm of this beautiful city and the emotional pictures of the Vienna City Marathon. To get a copy of the image brochure, visit the booth of the Vienna City Marathon at the marathon expo in Berlin. The booklet can also be found in Goodie Bags of different marathon events. You would like to receive a copy by mail? Feel free to contact us via [contact form].

Click here to browse through the jubilee booket VCM booklet:

In recent years the Vienna City Marathon has succeeded in creating a unique position as a marathon event on the international scene. It offers participants a very different experience to what they can find elsewhere around the world. The “VCM” gives you the chance to experience the marathon in a unique way. The reason why it’s extraordinary is because that’s in keeping with the city of Vienna itself and because the organising team bring such passion and creativity to their work to make the Vienna City Marathon outstanding.


What Makes The Vienna City Marathon Unique

The Vienna City Marathon defines itself not only as a sports event with thousands of participants and spectators. It is a public spectacle. Runners should receive more than just a start number, drinks and an official finishing time. They should be able to take away with them pictures and emotions, they should be able to experience the marathon and the city and have uplifting tales to tell.



Vienna Is Extraordinary

Vienna fascinates as both a historic and modern cultural capital – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart spent the peak of his creativity here, Sigmund Freud developed psychoanalysis in Vienna, while museums, theatres and concert halls offer the visitor a fascinating range of interests. Vienna has a global reach, is home to the United Nations and many other international organisations. It is a city much in demand for its lifestyle and as a holiday destination – worldwide surveys often place Vienna number one for quality of life.

Experience all of this with the Vienna City Marathon. The VCM brings together the classic tourist images of Vienna combined with modern lifestyle. This unique combination of a musical world tradition, cultural heritage and contemporary running event makes the VCM unique. Within the last 30 years since its creation the event has earned for itself an outstanding position on the international running scene. The biggest sports event in Austria motivates more than 41,000 participants to get involved, making it the biggest participatory event in the country.

The world federation for athletics, the IAAF, has awarded the VCM their exclusive IAAF Road Race Gold Label. Some of the fastest runners in the world have won here, including the running legend Haile Gebrselassie and the double World champion Abel Kirui. Many young athletes have used Vienna as a springboard for their international careers. To run here is something special for every runner, especially when you receive a medal decorated with exclusive Swarovski crystal which every marathon finisher is given after crossing the finish line as a trophy to remind them of their achievement.


Classical Overture

The sequence of events begins long before the starting gun. Participants have the chance in the days before the competition to get in the mood for the great race with classical music. Following the motto “run vienna - enjoy classics”, there are concerts with the Vienna Philharmonic under Sir Simon Rattle, Christian Thielemann or the outstanding pianist Rudolf Buchbinder as well as concerts with the Vienna Boys’ Choir which provided many runners with deeply moving experiences.


Friendship Party In The Town Hall Banqueting Suite

A special highlight is the "Friendship Party" on the Saturday before the VCM. The event has become an exciting meeting place for participants from over a hundred countries over the past years. The main reason of this event is to share the anticipation and excitement of the marathon day to come. There's probably no other marathon in the world which has the kind of space at its disposal as the Vienna City Marathon in the exquisite neo-gothic banqueting suite of Vienna's Town Hall. While we're on the subject, there is also fantastic "Kaiserschmarrn", a traditional Viennese pancake, in addition to delicious Italian pasta on offer. Participants of the Vienna City Marathon, their family and friends enjoy an attractive programme guided by moderation.


Impressive Course For Culture

One of the founding principles of the VCM Organisation was and remains the search for the current and long term best solution, never opting for the easy way out. The Vienna City Marathon takes you to Vienna's most impressive modern and historic sights. It begins between the skyscrapers of the UNO complex, the site of the United Nations. Straight after the start, participants cross the 864 metre long Imperial Bridge (Reichsbrücke) over the beautiful blue waters of the River Danube, accompanied by the world famous melody of the Danube Waltz by Johann Strauß. No other river in the world has had as many songs composed about it as the Danube, which divides historic and modern Vienna. The race takes you past the Riesenrad or giant ferris wheel, through the green expanse of Prater Park. It then continues on Vienna's Ring Road, past the famous Opera House, through Vienna's River Valley to reach Schönbrunn Castle, the former imperial summer residence. On the way back runners can take in the greatest examples of Vienna's architecture along the Ring Road, from the numerous museums and the Town Hall to the Burg Theatre and the University.
Discover the Course.


Competitions For All

The course has been steadily developed since the race's debut edition in 1984. Several years ago we worked out how simultaneously to stage a marathon, half marathon and a relay marathon, the latter the biggest in the world, as well as integrating two childrens' races into our organisation, all on a modern, attractive and interesting course from the sporting perspective. This programme of events offers runners of every ability the chance to experience Vienna in their running.


A Marathon For All The Senses

In the world capital of classical music runners discover their rhythm in tune with the melodies of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the waltz king Johann Strauß with more than ten kilometres of the course resounding to music. The "Marathon Sound of Vienna" gives you wings at the very start, when runners from every nation taking part are welcomed to the strains of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy." Participants can hear classic melodies as they run along the Ring Road. Vienna would not be Vienna if the finishing straight on the Heldenplatz didn't have a suitable accompaniment. While spectators in their thousands in the packed stands await the approach of the winner to the sound of Richard Strauss' "Thus spoke Zarathustra", a tide of emotion is unleashed over the last 200 metres as the runners approach the finish line. This finishing straight, one of the most beautiful anywhere in the world, is just as moving an experience for the great mass of runners.


Vienna Celebrates The Marathon

Vienna shows it knows how to have a party and not only at high society events such as the Opera ball or the Life Ball, Europe’s biggest fund-raising event to combat AIDS. The marathon is no exception. That’s why the VCM leads straight into the party marathon. No marathon event in the world has a better appointed hospitality area right next to the finish. Alongside a large public area where you can just hang out and relax are a large number of luxuriously furnished party tents which can be hired by companies and teams. The celebrations and dancing carry on into the evening. Of course, everyone’s keen to exchange experiences and impressions of a successful Vienna City Marathon.


A New Theme Every Year

Each year the marathon in Vienna takes a different subject for its main theme. It was fitting that for a marathon in the world capital of music, Mozart’s anniversary in 2006 was the first such example. Since then the event has adopted the claim “run vienna - enjoy classics” and it has gone from strength to strength. However, music and culture are not the only possible choices for our annual theme. In 2009 the VCM became the marathon for debutants – only those runners who had never run a marathon before were invited for the elite field. This was a concept which prove a great talking field. In 2010 the VCM celebrated the anniversary: “2,500 years of the Legend of the Marathon”. with a big exhibition and the “Marathon Flame” from Greece. In 2011 Haile Gebrselassie took part, this world star entrancing everyone by his presence. In 2012 Vienna and the Vienna City Marathon dedicated the side events and activities around the event to the 150th birthday of the significant artist of Art Nouveau, Gustav Klimt. In 2013, the Vienna City Marathon celebrated its 30th anniversary. Let yourself be swept away into the world of the Vienna City Marathon, which will be under the motto “Everybody Waltz!" in 2014.


Discover Vienna in running the marathon, or discover it anew! We look forward to welcoming you.

April 12, 2015

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